No more excuses!

by mfreeze 16. January 2012 13:34

So as long as I can remember, I've always had pretty bad asthma. Because of this there were a lot of things I couldn't do. 


A couple years ago I finally got into the asthma clinic and got my meds under control. It was great to be able to breathe again. But I still had problems when I was taking stairs or going for a short jog. 


Since I started working out, my breathing during regular activities has greatly improved. 


Tonight, I ran on the treadmill. 7mph run. Not a 30 sec or 1 min run, but almost 10 min straight. My average pace was 4.5mph for 30 min. That was my fastest run in an extremely long time. My longest time on the treadmill all at once and my furthest distance (2.07mi) all great achievements for me.


And for the first time, my lungs didn't burn. Sure they hurt from the heavy breathing, but they didn't burn.


I have no more excuses with this asthma. I have you under control once and for all.


I'm really starting to notice some small differences in my body for looks, as well as the way clothes are fitting me. Plus I have more energy overall and I generally just feel healthier.


I think I should have started working out a LONG time ago


Who reads this?

by mfreeze 28. November 2011 06:36

I'm not sure anyone reads this, so I really don't know who I write them for. Maybe just for the sake of writing something.

I noticed that I never really posted whats been going on lately.

2 Saturdays ago, Dec 19th, I was lifting Peyton into the car. I heard(or more, felt) this clicking in my hand. There was this instant pain and I dropped him into his seat. The pain was very intense. Quite a few curse words were used. Well I decided later that night after I couldn't bend my hand, to go to the emergency room.

I got there at 10pm. And I waited. My phone died around 10:45, so I was pretty bored. People were coming in with bottles broken on their face and slashes to their sides. A few drunk people that were beaten and bleeding everywhere but were too numb to notice. And then there were the rest of us. No drama. No screaming. Just in pain and wanted to get looked at. Well after a few hours, people started leaving. Some were planning on going to the clinic. Some planning on coming back in the morning. Me? I figured it was easier to wait a couple hours now than another 5 in the morning. Yeah...I was wrong. We all sat there until 9pm the next morning. No one got in. A few people left, but they still never called any names. Or at least not to go in. They did start calling us every few hours. But that was just for re-assessment.

So finally at 9ish I was called in. I waited in the room...finally after an hour, the doc comes in and looks at my finger. Then sends me for xrays. More waiting. I get the xrays done and get back. More waiting. He comes in and tells me it's a ruptured knuckle and they're going to tape it up. Really? 13 hours of waiting and in pain, and you tape up my hand and send me on my way with an appointment?

What a waste.

I go a week with my hand taped up and in pain. I can't do anything. I can't operate my fingers, can't type, can't open jars. It's a merable week.

On Friday I go for my appointment. They tell me it's a ruptured ligament in my knuckle and that I should haven been in sooner than a week. Thanks doc. Glad you just taped it up and sent me on my way.

So I get a splint made up. And I get to wear it for 6 weeks.


6 weeks filled with typos, throbbing pain which they wont give me any pills for, and getting frustrated at everything I can't do.

This is going to be a VERY VERY long 6 weeks.


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Prepping for second round of updates.

by mfreeze 17. November 2011 06:06

I'm currently uploading tons of websites again (only the .dll's this time) to do the next round of updates.

These updates will have to be done at the same time as the update I have to do will break them all at once. So I have to make sure I have everything ready to go before I attempt them.

Also I have to make sure I have everything backed up. Just in case this round of updates doesn't work.

Probably won't be starting them tomorrow, maybe on the weekend. or on Monday.

But since I have to start around 3-4am, I'm not exactly looking forward to doing them.


I'm at 145/183. Wait...what?

by mfreeze 9. November 2011 05:39

Last I checked I was at only had 179 sites to update.

Somehow there were a few sites that weren't in the main list. So yeah, after adding those 4, I'm up to 183 sites in total. I'm hoping I can finish those off between today and tomorrow.

That will leave Thurs afternoon/Friday to prep the next update. And then either early Saturday morning, or early Sunday morning (Like 3-4am early) I will start the next chunk of updates.

I'm hoping the next ones should be a whole lot easier than these ones. But time will tell.



Over halfway there!

by mfreeze 7. November 2011 08:21

So I'm at 91/179 sites now.

It's been a long slow battle, but I'm getting there.

And now for the bad news.

On Friday I found that there's an update to some software that we use. I tried to do the update and it breaks all the websites. But I've already updated my local machine.
So at this point, it means I have to finish updating all of these sites, then build them all again using the updated software, then replace them all again. It should be easier the second time, but still a long process. And the worst part is that the sites I replace will be down until I get the software updated on the server. So that means it's a night update. Ugh...

The life of a programmer is never simple.



by mfreeze 31. October 2011 06:52

It's a long and slow battle, but I'm getting there.

56/179 sites (less than I thought we had)

But that's not including all the custom work I have done already and all the custom stuff I'm yet to do.


Long boring day ahead

by mfreeze 28. October 2011 01:40

So most of this week was spent patching a small bug (Not so much a bug as an annoyance) in customer websites.

Followed by hours upon hours to upload all of those changes.

Then hours changing websites to find I intrduced a new bug (This one was a bug) into these websites.

Followed by more hours to change them back to the backups.

Followed by minutes to remove the bug I introduced.

Followed by hours upon hours to upload all of those changes. Again.

And today will be filled with hours upon hours updating those websites. I have 5 done out of 200ish.

Wish me luck.....


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by mfreeze 15. September 2011 01:48

You know how some days you just feel lost. Like everything that you thought was going great, all of a sudden has flipped and turned your world around?

Yeah...that's where I am right now.


My good deed for karma

by mfreeze 26. July 2011 23:23

So yesterday I was going to SuperStore to meet Patricia and pick up some groceries.I had just left work and she was bringing Peyton from the house.

I quickly found a parking spot where I usually park and hopped out to look around for her. I was hoping she was going to be parked near me, but I couldn't see her. So I grabbed my phone and started to dial. That's when I noticed a black spot on the ground. I reached over to pick it up and found that it was a woman's wallet. So I quickly checked the name (And of course to see if there was any cash, not sure why, but I think that's natural instinct since mine never has any)

So I finished calling Patricia and went over to meet her with the stroller. We went inside and I went to customer service to see if Megan was still in the store.

Just after calling her name, she came running down back saying "Is that my wallet?!?!". She was extremely greatful. Seeing someone get that happy makes it worth being honest and turning the wallet over. Plus I'm not the dishonest type anyway. I could have kept the wallet and racked up some credit cards, maybe sold the id, medicare, etc.

We continued on with our shopping and I felt good about myself. After we were done getting groceries, I come out to the car to find the attached photo. That made my day. It's nice to see she even took the time to write me an extra note to say thank you. It's not much, but makes you feel good about being an honest soul.


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Where has the time gone?

by mfreeze 24. May 2011 00:21

It seems like every time I blink and come on here to write a new post, a year has passed.

No time to write a new one right now, but I'll be back on later to give some updates from the last year or so ;)