Work, Work and More Work

by mfreeze 26. March 2010 05:48

Been spending most of the day updating our websites for work.

It's mostly just small bits of code to shrink the overall website size for faster loading and easier updates. But still very time consuming when there are 200+ websites.

The code is quite unique on each website. So that means each update consists of the following

  • Create backup
  • Copy images, web.config, and skinning files to testing site
  • Copy new updated pages to testing site
  • Lots and lots of testing of main page, login, registration, etc..
  • Delete old pages from main site
  • Move pages from testing site to main site.
  • Repeat 200+ times

That makes for a very long day. Hopefully only another couple days of updates and I'll be finished and moving on to my next project.

OK, technically it's not a next project, but a project I was working on before I had to do all these updates. I always find it so hard to stop in the middle of a project and start back up. Takes quite a bit of time, sometimes hours to remember what you were working on before you stopped.


Well enough procrastinating, back to work.

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The New

by mfreeze 19. March 2010 14:55

Well Blogger decided to change their blog system and eliminate the push FTP, so rather than redirect my website to theirs, I decided to get a blog system running on mine.

So this is the new face of

I'll spend the next little while customizing it the way I want, but it will probably take me a year or two anyway. I'm pretty slack like that.